- Env3


env3 is an analog machine liveact based in berlin, focus on techno without computer. intense live sessions with powerful kicks, sequenced chords and great breaks,surrounded by LFO modulated vocalloops, drones and noises.his first livegigs he played in tresor and suicide.env3 released on different labels like paranoid dancer, SUBtl label, AYCB and Subsist records.his tracks got supported in dave clarkes "white noise“ radioshow and fromlen faki, slam, mark broom, rødhåd, alexander kowalski, laurent garnier, jonas kopp, pfirter, truncate, luca agnelli & doka, kwartz, P.E.A.R.L., Ray Kajioka and morehis track typ5 made in dave clarkes best of 2016 techno tracks. more to come.