- Enterpryse


Dejeey and producer,25 Years old, of San Fernando, Cadiz. began his career as a producer, at 14 years of age, which was better known as "Dj Wolf", where they produced and to remixes of breakbeat. It has also been a DJ at private parties.At 17 years old, had to leave the music, for personal reasons. In September 2010, returns to production, thanks to his friend Deenk, who drove him to make music again. Currently, he is known as "EnterPryse", where he worked for:*V.I.M. RECORDS: EnterPryse- Night + Remixes "Under This, Freak Da Bass and Macho" . *BREAK R BOSS RECORDS: (BRB-D15) Bass Dreamers - Can I Get Down Remix EP (EnterPryse Rmx)*VENTUNO RECORDINGS: [ VENT109 ] My Body Ep- Tracks: Emotional Control, Live To The Dancing, Stage Fright and My Body. + Remixes: Mr.Tools - The Pyramid - EnterPryse Remix + Bang Chatter-Galactic Cats ( EnterPryse Rmx) + Trackz- Pump Gun ( EnterPryse Remix)*KINDCRIME RECORDINGS: KDC014: Enterpryse – Shogun LP Pt.1 (feat. Deenk) KDC018: EnterPryse- Shogun LP Pt. 2 KDC022: DJ Hook- Nibiru Fever (EnterPryse Remix) KDC023: EnterPryse- Shogun LP Pt.3*SCARCITY RECORDS: MirrorShades*HARD HITS: EnterPryse- Hell To Paradise + EnterPryse- State Thrills + EnterPryse- Fusion Style's + EnterPryse Feat Katy- Never Forget Me.+ EnterPryse- Electrik + EnterPryse- Another Day's + Deenk Feat EnterPryse- Ready For The Future.*96 KHZ EnterPryse- Katy Feat Allison Ep.*RUNE RECORDINGS CLubsonica- Dance With Alliens (EnterPryse Remix)Contact: tutatolokoompare@hotmail.com enterpryse.music@gmail.comListen: http://www.facebook.com/FragFM Web:www.fragradio.co.uk