- EF


Emanuele Frau, born in Italy, known as DJEF or EF, is a DJ and a Electronic Dance Music producer.EF does not have a favorite kind of music, but what he appreciates most are the electronic sounds and dark style melodies.His experience begins in 1999 with music production and Djing.In 2002, EF and Taument, work on the D.N.A. Project (Deep Neural Analysis), that is, a Saturday, live, two hour, weekly audio broadcast on their “Osirc Radio”.In 2003, it was decided that the Osirc Radio would come to a close, following a more ambitious idea, an online Music Tv.T he new project is called Omega tv (OMGT V), which contains five different channels, broadcasting on the Internet the best of: Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Techno and semi- professional DJing.In the same year, EF starts introducing his DJ sets in disco and Internet radios, including:Blu Star Disco Ossi, Supersonic European Dance Festival (Rome) - New Talent Area, Radio Sonora studio “Extrema potenza”, Screamer Hardstyle “Italian Hardstyle Night” and “IHN X-Mass Edition”, Digitally Imported DI.FM “Summer Hardstyle Show”, Radio Onda Stereo “Aremun Deluxe”.In May 2008, he introduces the “D.N.A. - The First Analysis”, taken from a story written by EF, it originally was a two hour live, audio and video streaming, which features sounds like Trance and Electro.The D.N.A. project continues, the videos are always available on Youtube channel “Dnalab01".From 2012 he then works on new productions, with hardware synthesizers and DIY (Do It Yourself) instruments.