- Dr Rubberfunk


2008 was the year that Dr. Rubberfunk joined the Jalapeno family and brought his live drumming, funk breaking, irrepressible good time vibe to the j-funk party. Prior to that he had been the archetypal artist in control of his own destiny setting up his own GPS recordings and successfully self releasing his first two albums, his debut ‘The First Cut’ and his second album ‘My Life At 33’ .The first cut was a record from an earlier era, with lots of cut up samples in the mix. Many people would have been nervous about put t ing out an album like t his wit hout a heavyweight legal t eam behind t hem, but as Rubberfunk shared a management company with Fatboy Slim they had seen it all before, and urged him to drop the album as it was without compromise. This album and the tour that followed earned him a worldwide reput at ion not only as a t op producer but also as an innovative and exciting DJ. The second album “My Life at 33” was a progression from the first with more live instrumentation and a host a featured talent. “Hot Stone” his debut for jalapeno was almost exclusively a studio album with samples left on the AKAI and live musicians and singers drafted into his surrey studio.Dr Rubberfunk is a lynchpin of a growing group of DJ’s and producers pushing an eclectic brand of funky music. From the tru-funk of Dr Rubberfunk and Soopasoul to the breakbeat and electronic soul of Kraak & Smaak, and everywhere in bet ween. Y ou can regularly catch Dr Rubberfunk DJ’ing or performing at Jalapeno Sound System nights as well as his various London DJ residencies and guest slots around the globe.