- Dougal


DJ Dougal is the longest running hardcore DJ in the scene, with over 25 years of experience. Dougal’s first major rave was Dreamscape 1 in 1991. It was here that he immediately established his own unique uplifting style that developed in to Happy Hardcore. Dougal was voted the number one Hardcore DJ in 1994 and ranked at number 48 in the DJ magazine for the top 100 DJ’s in the world.As there was a very limited amount of music being produced in Dougal’s style, he decided to start his own label Essential Platinum and would bring DJ hixxy on Board. T he label took off and was voted number 1 Hardcore label for many years. Dougal got involved with the Bonkers series where the album went Gold.Dougal always knew that finding new talent was the key to keeping the scene fresh and alive and In 2001 he spotted a local lad called Matt who showed some unusual skills to him. Dougal was sure he had found someone very special and after a few years of teaching him everything he Knew, Matt blossomed in to the unstoppable force that we know now as DJ Gammer. Dougal and Gammer have had huge success together with countless number 1 singles in the scene, songs featured in feature films and a number 1 video on Clubland tv.Dougal is as passionate about Hardcore music now as he ever was and continues to be one of the main players in 2013.