- DJ Unc


DJ, Producer, Remixer, Mix and Mastering Engineer, Label Owner, Entrepreneur; For not anything but the love of music, DJ UNC has wrapped his arms around all of it. Without a doubt, this is expressed in all his efforts to deliver moving originality. He started DJing in the mid-80's and he continues to do so today. He began producing music along with local artists and producers in the 90's and then turned his attention to editing and mixing in the early 2000's. This gave him the drive to begin releasing his own tracks under his independent label in 2010. He soon after accepted the challenge of managing DJ's and artists alike under his own management company but realized his passion was for the creative process of it all. His response to that passion is Twelve30Music which is dedicated to the creativity, originality and artistic value of House Music. This is a new beginning with new ambition and renewed energy for diversity in music. Look and listen as the experiences of over 30 years become reective in his upcoming and ongoing releases beginning in Summer 2019.