- Dexter Loz


Dexter Loz is a Minimal Tech & Tech House DJ/Producer residing in Manchester.His love for the Tech House scene started when he was a regular at Sankeys in Manchester, being part of the scene before he started to learn how to DJ & Produce. After hanging around with some big DJs in the scene such as Sonny Fodera and getting shown the ropes he sat down and put his passion into learning how to DJ & Produce.Dexter started to hear the more Minimal sound coming out of European countries and especially the Spanish sound to which he took a liking and decided to follow that route with his own music. Being apart of the scene already he got put on to DJ at some well-known events in Manchester and became apart of Forever Collective with Dinyad Alonzo before it was even named as anything.He pushed to help with events and continued to stick close with residents in the Manchester scene to whom he would send his demos of productions to for feedback. Starting with the UK Tech House sound he then found the sound he wanted to produce after awhile of experimenting, to which he got good feedback from DJs within the scene. He then started to push further out, meeting with & connecting with Artist online through Social media he managed to link up with Mike Morrisey and label head’s and big players in the scene from the likes of Bassel Darwish & Rone White as well as CreamMusic Records. To which took a real liking to his Music and enthusiasm.Since then he has gone on to play all round Manchester and starting to branch out further around the North of England. Getting Support from big DJs with his promo music and getting Label attention.So far 2018 has been a big year for the up & coming Artist with recent signings to Rone White's Klangwerk Records with his “What’s That Thing EP” & Bassel Darwish’s brand new Label Distance Music with his “Rhythm EP” let alone getting interest from CreamMusic Records for a potential 2019 Release.