- Carlos Mena


Carlos Mena AKA Carlo Valley a native and resident of Quito, Valle de los Chillos (ECUADOR). A small town in Ecuador where he tries to raise the level of electronic music and to feel the real value of music is music you feelToday the passion for music tech house, deep and minimal learning programs led him where he manages to understand production then start making music knowing nothing of the bases or foundations is slowly taking its style identity with mescal, the instrumentation achieves a fusion of Latin American sounds of timbales and congas many sounds of their landelectronic music is an expression of art culture and feelings come to know great artists in his career where he has done with a great friendship with them to come to break boundaries realizing that music has no boundaries music is her love life and if passion, Now grab your friends colleagues music for everyone grabs a different style music he makes music to your ears.