- Captain Tinrib


⚓Captain Tinrib Bio⚓After discovering the Black Monolith with HAL9000, Elvis, and Dave, we have returned from this future, and are moving back to making music here on earth, beginning with a rebuild of Tinrib Digital, releasing some antiques from our future, starting our High Priest Weirdo’s – Mystery Tour 2008, and Captain Tinrib’s – 2001 The Final Frontnose (2018 Black Monolith Remixes).The past 15 years have seen a move to New Zealand, deal with an unexpected earthquake, then relocate to a paradise here in the Abel Tasman, and when time permits, returning every few years for a month tour overseas.My love of electronic music from the late 80s onwards finds me skirmishing with many more accepted genres of music at arrrggghhh local shindigs, seeing of course, my 303 acid lines eased in with 909 beats, and the notorious Tinrib Live sound delivered over the top when the southern cross aligns! We are more than ready here in Port Motueka New Zealand, and there will be a wider range of sounds to come. We have the location here at Pirate HQ, and about to build the music space for our magic to be turned into sound again. ⚓