- Brennan Green


DJ and producer Brennan Green is associated with a number of current trends in dance music – deep disco, nu-disco, leftfield, cosmic, deep house, punk funk, electrofunk etc.– but no fashion or sub-sub-genre adequately describes Green's trademark sound. His productions on independent dance labels such as Modal, Daniel Wang's Balihu and his own label, Chinatown, have an organic feel that is rare in modern dance music. Green's vinyl-only releases combine both acoustic and electronic instrumentation to unearth irresistible grooves, atypical rhythms and hypnotic basslines. As a remixer Brennan has also found a voice all his own with popular remixes for Liquid Liquid, Lindstrom and most recently, the baleric swedish duo Studio. Brennan's genre-bending DJ-sets are sure to rock any dancefloor taking a crowd through sounds that span disco, house, techno and rock. His New York parties Pop Your Funk (APT, 01-04) and Junky Blues (Flamingo, 99-01) were instrumental in pioneering the current underground disco sound and since then he has toured extensively through Japan, Australia, Europe and North America playing at clubs as diverse as London's Fabric and many of the world's best underground parties. Forthcoming are several releases on Chinatown including a collaboration with his Norwegian disco pals Prins Thomas and Lindstrom, plus releases from Runaway and Studio. Has DJ'd as many clubs: Local Worming (Rotterdam) Tape (Berlin) VanGuard (Los Angeles) Future House (Los Angeles) Laser Magnetic (London) Fabric (London) Niagara (Tokyo) Pop (San Fransisco) Daughter (Nagoya) Yellow (Tokyo) Milk (Tokyo) Rose Garden (Helsinki) Quart Festival (Kristiensand) Disco Palermo (Munich) Uppat Framat (Goteborg) Puzzle (Goteborg) Cafe Ipanema (Maastricht) The Loft (Sydney) Risky Disko (Sydney) Paradise Lost (Sydney) Mad Racket (Sydney) Mother (Toyama) Club Stand Bop (Fukuoka) Metro (Kyoto) Club Zing (Osaka) 4.14 (Hiroshima) Sur Bar (Kagoshima) Limelight (NYC) APT (NYC) Red Blood Club (Dallas) Luke&Leroy (NYC) Lit ((NYC) Play (NYC) Lunatarium (NYC) P.S.1 Warmup (NYC) Duplexx (NYC)