- Bowsar


Bowsar is an electronic music producer and DJ from Austria. He started making music in 2006. Although best known as a drum & bass producer, his musical roots lie in hip-hop, downbeat, breakbeat, experimental music and jazz.At the age of 15, he discovered the music of artists such as The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Up Bustle and Out, Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin etc. Ninja Tune had a strong influence on his view of music and inspired him to start his own creative work. Around 2004, Bowsar got a hold of his first drum & bass tracks and was immediately hooked. He started DJing and messing around in Fruity Loops, two years later he switched to Cubase. Not long after this, the emerging producer found some record labels who were interested in his music. In 2011 he released his 4-track solo-debut, entitled “Protons EP” on Mindtech Recordings. Since then, his music has been released by numerous independent labels, including Full Force Recordings, Disturbed Recordings, Ammunition Recordings, Close 2 Death, Modulate Recordings and others. 2014 saw Bowsar make a big step forward with his first release on Jade’s notorious Eatbrain imprint alongside Maject. This release drew more attention to his music. In 2015 he teamed up with Concussion Records who released his first tracks on vinyl.