- Blakoke


Name: Dario Reyes GonzalezDate of Birth: 24/03/1994Dj, Producer and Remixer.Starts With Music:I started with Fl studio 6 in 2005, Making Instrumental HipHop, With Dark Rhythms.Being top sites like HHgroups and I started to work in homerecording studiosAs'''' Mastering Engineer.Acquiring Knowledge About EQs, Comps etc ...As I Start to Break Beat the World:Let's say that my family raised me listening to Prodigy, WorldEvasion and always keeping these GenresElectronica Music, T hat is Should my Gran Pasion by thisgenre Musical called Break Beat and all itsSub-genres.As I started to producing Break Beat:Prowling the year 2009, I started to investigate my own in flstudio and starting to acer my first Nu Skool'' issues''Always keeping me in line and Trayaeros the Dark Breaks,until the day of today, I always liked to ProduceElectronic music is the style that is but preferably BreakBeat.As I started DJing A Click:It starts with the typical Virtual Dj Mixing Program withoutknowledge Mix Bpms and Game in 2010.My Performances As Dj Break Beat:Paradise Room Break Day (Algeciras) 7/01/2012Xema Paradise Room Birthdays (Algeciras) 13/01/2012Birthday Jazz Camp (La Linea) I Agreement DateHalowen Botafuegos day (Algeciras) 31/10/2012Quite and Raves.Artists with whom and Shared Cabin:Xema Damian, Beny, Bartdon, Fraile, Broken Paus, AldoFerrari, Wheel, Luty, Jazz, LoLo.And I hope to continue as Producer For Many Years More.Signed By the Seal No Name Records, Move it records andDizzines As Owner Records.contant:Email: eelblaa@hotmail.comTwiter: @ djblakokeTuenti: Dario Reyes Gonzalez