- Bjoern Mandry


Björn Mandry - born and grown up in Leverkusen; germany was starting his dj-career in 1999. His influences he got in earlie time from Bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, or Kraftwerk. Björn´s first release named "Time factor" appeared on Mauritius music in 2003 and was already found on Paul Oakenfold´s Perfekto Compilation mixed by Seb Fontaine. In collaboration with Peter Jürgens and Oliver Klein he started to release his work-out on various labels like Flow vinyl, Selected works and Mauritius music. One of his producer-partner was also Mr. Thomas Gold, and in collaboration with him he worked ou the "Paintbootiqa EP" also on Mauritius in 2006 and the track "Suppress you" on Flow vinyl in 2007. Soon, in 2014 Björn Mandry thumbs up with new, fresh sounds. His next release is called "Liftetime" and will appear on an english fresh deephouse label. After this, upcoming tracks are ready to take of and some stuff for Mauritius music is ready for going around!