- Audionoize


AudionoiZe aka Ivan Lomovtsev is a producer and DJ from Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation.Ivan first expressed his love of music through jamming with his schoolmates, taking his energetic and aggressive drumming style from dubstep as well as being heavily influenced by "Pirate station".After hearing ‘Pirate Station’,Ivan fell in love with the drum and bass sound and began to focus his talents on producing. Sharing his tracks with D&B radio stations led to the first recognition of his foot-thumping talents, under the alias DJ Ivan Lomovtsev he released for the first time in 2007.It wasn't long before AudionoiZe began trading tracks with 'Musical Generation', and an offer soon followed to bring Ivan into the Massfield Records camp with the release of his famed track ‘Accelerator' in 2013.