"Ashikaga” is a Japanese DJ and Producer, born in 1994. He has come in contact with various music including Rock/acid jazz/classic from the childhood period. He started his DJ career when 20 years old. He plays Techno/Hard Techno/Minimal/ DeepHouse/ TechHouse mainly ,and make deep and unique atmosphere. He is based in Osaka, and has a regular party ”SiiNE” that is New Techno Party calling Big artist, for example “Pig&Dan” and “D-NOX” and leading the Techno scene of Kansai. Then, He appears “Hush!” that affects the Techhouse scene, and play with the domestic and foreign celebrity artist appearance parties too. Also, although he has started the music production from 2015, already he has received a large number of overseas offer, he is scheduled to release his own music.