- Angrykid


Amir Fayaz aka. AngryKID is a DJ/Producer. He was born in Iran 1983, raiesd up and still living in Hamburg (DE). His DJ career started at the age of 16, with his very first low budget Equipment and a hand full Black and Hip Hop Vinyl's. He grained some very good mixing and scratching skills. He had his first bookings 2 years later and played at many of Hamburg's Location like "BNP"(Banque Nationale de Paris), "Pat Club", "Location 1+2", "Betty Ford", "Rubin Club", "Quer" etc. He played some guest mixes along with DJ ICON, DJ Dedl Mack, The Disco Boys and Milk & Sugar. In the next years, his music style totally changed to House & Dance Music, caused by the change of attitude and music style in 2K. Now after nearly 10 years he is back with a brand new EP: