- alaztair:Godfrey


Originally emerging from the North Coast of NSW Australia, this Yellow Spectral Human was by default exposed and drawn to diverse art & music whilst he grew immersed in the beautiful nature of the region. During his childhood and education alaztair showed a deep interest in various creative outlets and expressed himself via writing, drawing, drama and music, the latter eventually defining itself as his true calling and passion while seeing him go from school band to forming a metal band that actually left the garage and performed around the country and even sold CD’s, to his eventual discovery of underground bush doofs and psychedelic art/music culture which commenced a journey that ultimately led him to start producing his own electronic music in the mid 2000’s. Music which soon after generated local interest and appreciation and saw him frequently booked sharing his music with dancefloors large and small throughout NSW & QLD and even India, whilst deeply immersed in the culture during the years 2007-2012.After an extended hiatus from music, audio production and live performance stretching over half a decade whilst he deeply explored other dimensions of space and time, the illustrious alaztair:Godfrey finally returned in 2017, sharpened his ears and skills and quickly joined forces with the Kinematic Records family then resumed live performances around Australia meanwhile making a notable achievement early in 2018 when his track “Collective Consciousness” was judged a Top 100 finalist in Serj Tankian’s 7 note challenge, a song-writing contest that received over 5000 entries worldwide and later the momumental release of his debut Kinematic Records EP “EPisode I - Missing in Time”, with follow-up EPisodes II & III scheduled for release in the near future. Stay Tuned!!