1 play queue Blush V.2Original Mix
Razed In Black
6:13 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
2 play queue Did I Dream (DJ Tiesto Remix)Original Mix
Lost Witness
4:08 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
3 play queue Labyrinth (Razed In Black Mix)Original Mix
4:25 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
4 play queue Suicide (Senseless Remix Edit)Original Mix
4:12 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
5 play queue JacquelineOriginal Mix
Blue Pace
4:50 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
6 play queue Starting OutOriginal Mix
Loudest Silence
4:00 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
7 play queue Debris (Rotersand Rework)Original Mix
3:27 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
8 play queue ResurrectedOriginal Mix
Cream Pipe
3:06 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
9 play queue Twilight World (Icon Of Coil Mix)Original Mix
4:11 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
10 play queue Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format Remix)Original Mix
Neikka RPM
3:34 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
11 play queue How Could YouOriginal Mix
13 Ways
3:56 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
12 play queue Never Look BackOriginal Mix
X-Marks The Pedwalk
4:02 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
13 play queue En ParazovOriginal Mix
4:15 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
14 play queue Bring Me Back LightOriginal Mix
Talla 2xlc
5:15 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
15 play queue Kuvala (Wazari Mix)Original Mix
6:12 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
16 play queue Frozen (DJ RiB Remix)Original Mix
4:32 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
17 play queue Epic Monolith (Kyau Vs. Albert Remix)Original Mix
Mirco De Govia
3:55 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
18 play queue Aur'ElieOriginal Mix
Blue Pace
5:28 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
19 play queue Dementia (Razed In Black Mix)Original Mix
4:41 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
20 play queue Drunken DonorOriginal Mix
3:56 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
21 play queue Midnight ConfessionsOriginal Mix
Effcee Vs. Grass Roots
2:44 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
22 play queue Blood Is PumpingOriginal Mix
Voodoo & Serano
3:29 / 138 BPM
23 play queue DominousOriginal Mix
Pussy Posse
4:28 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
24 play queue SymbiosisOriginal Mix
4:02 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
25 play queue Bound (Irrational Mix)Original Mix
3:24 / 136 BPM
DJ Tools
26 play queue Running Man (Rework)Original Mix
Brain Inc.
5:33 / 138 BPM
DJ Tools
27 play queue Rancho StrategyOriginal Mix
Ego Traum
2:59 / 138 BPM
DJ Tools
28 play queue Troy (Pulsedriver Remix)Original Mix
Sin?ad O'Connor
5:46 / 137 BPM
DJ Tools
29 play queue D.M.S.O.Original Mix
VNV Nation
3:54 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
30 play queue Master Of PuppetsOriginal Mix
Soil & Eclipse
2:43 / 138 BPM
DJ Tools
31 play queue The LoverOriginal Mix
Transmutator, Chris G.
5:24 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools
32 play queue RevolutionOriginal Mix
Talla 2xlc
4:57 / 138 BPM
DJ Tools
33 play queue DancemotherfuckersOriginal Mix
3:37 / 144 BPM
DJ Tools
34 play queue I Could Be You (Razed In Black Remix)Original Mix
4:27 / 139 BPM
DJ Tools

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Metropolis Records | 2016-06-10

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