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Hailing from Seville, Spain; this guy has a pretty oldskool style that doesn't dissapoint!

Being on Never Say Die (Black Label too), Firepower, Rottun & Most Addictive to say some; he brings the heat on every single release! That's why he collabed with artist like Spag Heddy, Michael White, Krimer, and recently oddprophet & Riot Ten. So, now you now! Let's hear the Top 25 Best EH!DE songs!

Considering a mix of popularity and personal opinion.

Honorable Mentions:

Bass System & Alpha Noize - Infected (Remix):

Ray Volpe - Lion (Remix):

Spaceships EP:

Redemption EP:

Cult EP:

Savage Nature (with Obscenity):

Track NameArtistsRemixersLabelsGenreRelease Date
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EH!DE, Different Heaven, Alexa Lusader - Paradise (feat. Alexa Lusader)
Paradise (feat. Alexa Lusader) (Original Mix)EH!DE, Different Heaven, Alexa LusaderFirepower RecordsDubstep 2015-11-20 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - Whicked
Whicked (Original Mix)EH!DEGhosts & SkullsDubstep 2015-05-04 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Different Heaven - My Heart
My Heart (Original Mix)EH!DE, Different HeavenNocopyrightsoundsElectronica / Downtempo 2014-11-13 $1.49 Buy
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Spag Heddy, EH!DE - Selecta
Selecta (Original Mix)Spag Heddy, EH!DENSD: Black LabelDubstep 2017-01-23 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Soltan - Choopoon
Choopoon (Original Mix)EH!DE, SoltanNever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2017-03-10 $1.49 Buy
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Spag Heddy, EH!DE - Better
Better (Original Mix)Spag Heddy, EH!DEPlay Me RecordsDubstep 2014-12-22 $1.49 Buy
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F3tch, Spag Heddy, EH!DE - Spooks
Spooks (EH!DE Remix)F3tch, Spag HeddyEH!DENever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2017-09-22 $1.49 Buy
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Spag Heddy, EH!DE - Cloudlet
Cloudlet (Original Mix)Spag Heddy, EH!DENever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2016-02-15 $1.49 Buy
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Midnight Tyrannosaurus, EH!DE - Planet Purge Pt. 2
Planet Purge Pt. 2 (Instrumental Mix)Midnight Tyrannosaurus, EH!DENSD: Black LabelDubstep 2017-03-10 $1.49 Buy
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Lord Swan3x, EH!DE - Muay Thai
Muay Thai (Original Mix)Lord Swan3x, EH!DEPlay Me Too RecordsDubstep 2015-12-14 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Krimer - Take That
Take That (Original Mix)EH!DE, KrimerNever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2016-11-21 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - Villains
Villains (Original Mix)EH!DEGhosts & SkullsDubstep 2016-01-11 $1.49 Buy
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Riot Ten, EH!DE - Applesauce
Applesauce (Original Mix)Riot Ten, EH!DEBassrush RecordsDubstep 2018-06-27 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Walter Wilde - High Grade
High Grade (Original Mix)EH!DE, Walter WildeFirepower RecordsDubstep 2015-12-04 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - Space Clouds
Space Clouds (Original Mix)EH!DEGhosts & SkullsDubstep 2016-03-28 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - Bring That
Bring That (Original Mix)EH!DENever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2017-10-20 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Different Heaven - Alquimia
Alquimia (Original Mix)EH!DE, Different HeavenGhosts & SkullsDubstep 2015-06-08 $1.49 Buy
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Obscenity, EH!DE - Our Power
Our Power (Original Mix)Obscenity, EH!DEFirepower RecordsDubstep 2015-04-07 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - The Jungle
The Jungle (Original Mix)EH!DENSD: Black LabelTrap / Future Bass 2017-01-23 $1.49 Buy
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Riot Ten, EH!DE - Power Punch
Power Punch (Original Mix)Riot Ten, EH!DEZENITHDubstep 2018-04-27 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE - Tonbogiri
Tonbogiri (Original Mix)EH!DENSD: Black LabelDubstep 2018-04-27 $1.49 Buy
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Helicopter Showdown, EH!DE - Balderdash
Balderdash (Original Mix)Helicopter Showdown, EH!DEFirepower RecordsDubstep 2015-05-05 $1.49 Buy
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Obscenity, EH!DE - First Blood
First Blood (Original Mix)Obscenity, EH!DEFirepower RecordsDubstep 2015-01-13 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, oddprophet - Confess
Confess (Original Mix)EH!DE, oddprophetNever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2017-12-11 $1.49 Buy
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EH!DE, Funk4Mation - Come Back
Come Back (Original Mix)EH!DE, Funk4MationFirepower RecordsDubstep 2016-05-13 $1.49 Buy