Next to some gems I currently have on heavy rotation in my DJ sets I included all 4 tracks of our new compilation RISE RADAR 01.
RISE RADAR is the newest format on our label RISE MUSIC. The first edition is compiled by HYENAH.

There are tracks that are being released exclusively in South Africa and
may not have a proper master at all. They just float around and
disappear again - even though some have huge potential.

One of them is Da Capo’s “Umbovukazi”.

There is this outstanding percussion lick and a super heavy daring break. This jam tears dancefloors apart, everywhere in the world. Deep, percussion driven, full of energy. Now it is finally getting properly released after having almost 1 million plays
on Youtube in a poor quality version.

DJ Angelo & Da Mike - Way Out

DJ Angelo and Da Mike are amazing djs and producers. More importantly they are great people with hearts of gold. They always make everybody feel home right away in Greece. Their track “Way Out” is next level and already on heavy rotation by Black Coffee and other major players. Somehow it is a dj tool and a hit at the same time. DJ
Angelo and Da Mike struck the perfect balance between the two.

G Washington & Miriam Makeba - Mbube Warrior

The Mbube Warrior reached the Hyenah in Zimbabwe in mysterious ways. There was a track titled “Track 01”, no artist, no nothing. It’s been
heard before when Black Motion played it at RISE. It was also the stand out track for many. That piano lick and Miriam Makebas voice… pure
bliss and responsible for goosebumps on the dancefloor.
So Hyenah needed to chase “Track 01” and find out who it was and found the creator, G Washington. This producer made the track in 2013
and lost the hard drive. There was nothing to be changed on it anyway. The track is perfect as is. G Washington is a genius.

Mr. Joe - NOIS

Mr Joe is big. His sound is big and he’s got balls. He dares to make things differently and edgy. He does African Techno. And he does it properly. NOIS is a prototype of that. Mr Joe thinks outside the box and produces that way. He is not compromising and he is crossing boarders
between genres and styles at the same time. NOIS can be pictured being played at Berghain in Berlin in a techno set or in an Afro House set anywhere in the world. It fits.