BIO: Being a producer, DJ, owner and general manager of Maxi Digital Records. Maxi DJ is talented music producer, author and performer of his own songs. In 2 years after his appearance on the global electronic music scene Maxi produced more than 20 DIGITAL releases by USA, English, German, French labels in collaboration with Brazilian and foreign producers. His tracks are supported by well-known DJs like Tommy Vee, Steve Butch Jones, FDF and many other. At present Maxi DJ works closely with the Italian major label Airplane! Records, which is famous worldwide for producing big hits of Moony, DB Boulevard and many others big names which reached the Uk top ten sales chart, and for its legendary 7.2 compilations. Maxi DJ goes beyond just one genre. The spectrum of his art is really wide, starting with electro house, going though club vocal-house and ending with progressive house.You may stay connected this is Maxi DJ style.