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 - Khen's Baby Steps Chart

One of Dancing Astronaut’s “25 Artists to Watch in 2017” and the man behind one of the most impressive debuts of 2016, Beatport #1 album ‘One Day of Independence’ on Guy J’s Lost & Found, is back with another masterpiece. This time on John Digweed's Bedrock.

With groovy percussions, thumping bass-lines and mesmerising emotionally laden melodies, the ‘Baby Steps’ EP is as impressive of a debut one would expect from Khen. All the way from the delicate, yet powerful energy in ‘Baby Steps’, the thumping, driving groove in ‘Mountains Air’ to the serene and Electronica-esque ‘Pareidolia’, Khen displays a breadth in production technique and maturity in his soundscape not seen very often.