Christopher Kah serves up an excellent new single on the Electronic Griot label, displaying his unique outlook on techno, and an insight in to his world and imagination. Mind Fire consists of two fine cuts of electronic music.

Kah says himself; the track started a few years ago and has been enriched and evolved over time to really push the limits of techno, and the label manager never had any doubts and snapped it up, having long been a fan of the artist and also having previously collaborated with him as part of the, Shazzer Project.

The original is deep and moody techno with soft acid lines and a creeping sense of tension. Spooky pads add scale and atmosphere and the whole thing rolls on and on, casting a spell on the listener without warning. The sparse breakdown is haunting and cinematic and proves what a standout track this is. The Core version then strips back the drums and offers a dark ambient journey with acid ripples that will make a real mark in any club. Both variations tell their own tale 'Mind Fire' each of them distinguished in their own right.

This is a fantastic new single from Kah, ready to be played by many.