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Giacomo Montanari, a.k.a. Jacky Monties, was born in 1988 in Ravenna. Since little, inspired by an astonishing passion for music, he determinedly studied drum for seven years and he also attended the Conservatory School for two years. Combining an enduring interest in the use of innovative technologies with a precious research for a new vibrant sound, his energetic and unique DJ shows are enriched with percussions, groove, sinth.Career started in 2005,he has performed in numerous famous clubs:
Cocoricò/Diabolika (Riccione)• Echoes (Misano Adriatico)• IBIZA DAY OFF MOXMA(Ibiza)•Pleasureland (Ravenna)•Cocorico Beach Club(Riccione)•Dok Show(Bologna)•Narciso(Misano Adriatico)•Club London Underground(Ludwigshafen-Germany)•Gotec Club(Karlsruhe)• Storkyno (Milano Marittima)• Work Shop (Cesena)• Fiesta Ibiza Peace In Po in collaboration Zoo Project/Tantra/ Ibiza disco(Reggio Emilia)• Classic Club (Rimini)• Gran Torino (Civitanova Marche)• Cliffhanger (Madonna di Campiglio).
Now is the Resident dj st Revolution Party Jolie(Cesenatico).
In January 2013, Habla Music Record, sole distributor, published his first EP “AROUND YOUR HEAD” and “GOOTYA”, in Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community. It has immediately been placed in the Beatport Minimal Top 10 and Receiving several “Full support”, such as from LUCIANO,MARCO CAROLA,DUBFIRE,GERMAN BRIGANTE,RICHIE HAWTIN,UNIQUE,OLDERIC,CHICKS LUV US,JOHN LAGORA,NEVERDOGS, RAFA BARRIOS,FABIER,GREEKO, YOUCEFGERMAN VALLEY, AN-BEAT, UNIQUE, ANGELO FERREI, STIV HEY,BIMAS,REELOW, ANGEL LOPEZ,NEVERDOGS,OLDERIC, MATTEW JAY, APPAREL,TINI GARCIA, MASSIMO CASSINI, SIMONE VITULLO and so on.Some of his works: “Corsica & The Descent” (OTB Records),Lost In Paradise” (Lapsus record),“Notorius”(Jacky Monties Remix Habla Music Label)_”Coke & Back to Back”(Nila Rec)_”Forget the rain”(Progressive Love Rec)and two Remix by Danilo Scamandro & Manuel Luna
ROGER (Fabrizio Maurizi), Willie Graff, JOY BELTRAM, RAME (Pastaboys), ETNICA,Kaysand, Dandi & Ugo,Ralf,Dino angioletti,Marcello Giordani, ASAL.BARTOLOMEO,PASTABOYS,Alessandro Piatto, Sandro Russo, Emauele Inglese, Claudio Coccoluto, Filippo Nardi,Uovo(Memoryman),Cirillo,Kaysand, Ivan Iacobucci, Steve Mantovani, Davids, Kim, Gibo, Pepe(Margot),Giaga Robot,York,Adapter.