My personal beatport chart included my favourite Deep, Melodic, Minimal & Dark Disco releases each month. (Strong connection with my podcasts)

You will find here music that touched my soul, close to my heart, sounds to represent my style and I would definitely play in my podcasts & live sets too.
Also you might find some special treasures what was not necessarily made for dancefloor, however for me personally means a lot.

Track NameArtistsRemixersLabelsGenreRelease Date
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Maceo Plex - When The Lights Are Out
When The Lights Are Out (Original Mix)Maceo PlexEllumMelodic House & Techno 2019-05-31 $1.49 Buy
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Moody Waters - Acid Lovin' Feat. Carolina Damas
Acid Lovin' Feat. Carolina Damas (Original)Moody WatersRelease SustainTechno 2019-05-24 $1.49 Buy
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Hunter/Game - Silver
Silver (Silence Live Mix)Hunter/GameKompakt ExtraTechno 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Apollo View - IV
IV (Original Mix)Apollo ViewInsult To InjuryElectronica / Downtempo 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Third Son - The Need For Repetition
The Need For Repetition (Original Mix)Third SonPolymathElectronica / Downtempo 2019-05-24 $1.49 Buy
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Metha, Robin Futaki - Traffic
Traffic (Metha Remix)Robin FutakiMethaCarbon Black LabelTechno 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Citizen Kain, Robin Futaki - Traffic
Traffic (Citizen Kain Remix)Robin FutakiCitizen KainCarbon Black LabelTechno 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Damon Jee, Leonor - That Moment
That Moment (Damon Jee Remix)LeonorDamon JeePlayground RecordsIndie Dance 2019-05-14 $1.49 Buy
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Lewis Beck - Pantomime
Pantomime (Original Mix)Lewis BeckAudiophile DeepIndie Dance 2019-05-30 $1.49 Buy
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Stephan Barnem, Zombies In Miami - Fog From Below
Fog From Below (Zombies In Miami Remix)Stephan BarnemZombies In MiamiSide UP WorksIndie Dance 2019-05-21 $1.49 Buy
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DJ Tennis - Starck
Starck (Original Mix)DJ TennisRunning BackIndie Dance 2019-05-17 $1.49 Buy
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Glowal - Disorder
Disorder (Original Mix)GlowalSapiensMelodic House & Techno 2019-05-17 $1.49 Buy
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Einmusik - Sirens
Sirens (Original Mix)EinmusikStil Vor TalentMelodic House & Techno 2019-05-24 $1.49 Buy
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Anja Schneider - Give It All to You
Give It All to You (Original Mix)Anja SchneiderSous MusicMelodic House & Techno 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Terr - Tale of Devotion
Tale of Devotion (Dub)TerrPhantasy SoundIndie Dance 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Benjamin Fröhlich - Memory FM
Memory FM (Original Mix)Benjamin FröhlichPermanent VacationIndie Dance 2019-05-10 $1.49 Buy
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Osa, Ede - 0.31
0.31 (Ede Remix)OsaEdeDilate RecordsElectronica / Downtempo 2019-05-06 $1.49 Buy
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blaktone - Acid Obsession
Acid Obsession (Original Mix)blaktoneJEAHMON!Melodic House & Techno 2019-05-06 $1.49 Buy
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Betoko, Kastis Torrau - Dosya
Dosya (Original Mix)Betoko, Kastis TorrauEinmusika RecordingsMelodic House & Techno 2019-05-24 $1.49 Buy
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Foby - Twisted Minds
Twisted Minds (Original Mix)FobyBlessed Cross RecordsTechno 2019-05-20 $1.49 Buy