2018 marks the return of the masked enigma that is Claptone and he graces us with new single 'In The Night', featuring vocalist Ben Duffy, the first off his upcoming album 'Fantast'.

'In The Night' spoils us with an infectious bassline, intoxicating piano melodies, delicious guitar licks and emotive strings topped off by an irresistible chorus for an engrossing, funk-filled production that oozes an contagious groove only Claptone can achieve. Maybe it is Michael Jackson underneath the mask after all?

Expect this bomb to be taking over global dancefloors and airways for months to come. And if it doesn't and it just stays your very own personal fav, well that's good enough for Claptone.

"When would I return if not in the night? What would our love look like, if not with you letting me go? Which song will you be humming when thunder and lightning are coming?'