- Grave Digga - TOP 10

The No Concept boys, formerly known as Dubba Jonny & Russla, wasted no time in establishing themselves as an integral part of the Technique roster. We've seen them demonstrate their versatility, achieving heavy rave and radio rotation and the download chart success to match. Now, it's time for another twist in the tale with Grave Digga. That tension-laden intro, made of post-apocalyptic sirens and insistent flecks of guitar, gives notice something dangerous is on its way. Add DnB's punchline slinger SMK into the mix to add another touch of the darkside, and it all adds up to some weapons-grade rave material. When the drop crashes in with it's octave-switching basslines, rising chords, and jaw-breaking drums, then you'd better get set for the reload. No Concept have gone full Frankenstein and designed a monster, every element designed to ramp up the energy. Bars for the spit-along crew, rolling beats and bass-weight for the skankers, and all the fills and modulations required to grab the dance's attention and never let it go. The No Concept name reflects the duo's full-spectrum, no-pigeon-hole approach to production. And, so far, everything we've seen from them has shown us a new angle on their sound. With Grave Digga, they've definitively proved their ability to deliver pure dancefloor mayhem, and it begs the question, where can they take us next? Seems like the ride's just beginning.