- Fake Friends Chart

Fake Friends is Workerz’ latest record, a mini-LP of house tracks with various moods. Jean-Pat knows his tools and he does know how to use them to fix a crowd. He works on every terrain that you can think of : a tiny, dark underground place with sweaty walls, the soft and warm sand of a Corsican beach, or the green grass of massive outdoor festival. Basslines can be either playful and sexy or stiff and bold, Pads and keys can twinkle or burst. The vibe is sometimes heavy with smoke, but then switch to something more rugged and clipped on the next track. Build-ups don’t care that much about formats and standards, yet the whole thing is constantly body-oriented and body-positive. You can hear hints of 90s Italian deep house house at its most emotional and DIY, and also the live, jazz-influenced side of Chicago house produced by the likes of Ron Trent or Glenn Underground. It’s definitely French house, though : open-hearted, light-headed, easy to dance to and to mingle with. Fake friends is like an alpine hut whose door’s never locked and in which you can eat, drink and sleep. It perfectly knows what it has to give to you and it does it perfectly well.