- Closer Chart

Charlotte de Witte continues to establish herself as the part of the new school techno landscape with a second EP on Mary Go Wild Black. Entitled Closer and featuring three sizzling tracks, this one follows on the heels of her high-impact Voices of The Ancient EP back in March, and again proves she has a singular studio sound. 'Closer' goes first and is seven spooky minutes of spacious, acid-laced techno. Distant pads bring a cosmic feel and intimate spoken words make the whole thing feel personal yet unsettling as rubbery drums roll on below. 'Nothing' pairs pulsating acid daubs with vocals drenched in reverb as slick drums drive things along. It's a masterfully sparse yet engaging track that will cast its spell on all who hear it. Lastly, 'Motion' is another absorbing track with deep drums and meandering pads sucking you into a cavernous sound world where alien motifs and acid gurgles work your mind as much as your feet. Having headlined plenty of key festivals around the world this season, Charlotte de Witte has now officially arrived on the global stage. An artist with an uncompromising techno sound that is stripped back to its raw essentials and often showcases dark moods and emotive grooves, Charlotte is set for a busy Autumn that will take her all round Europe, South America and Australia before the end of the year. This strong EP proves without a doubt that Charlotte de Witte is here to stay. A1. Closer (Original Mix) B1. Nothing (Original Mix) B2. Motion (Original Mix)