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 - Break It Chart

Celebrating my new release with Most Addictive and their 7th Bday in a new Dubstep chart

Track NameArtistsRemixersLabelsGenreRelease Date
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Tetrix Bass - Break It
Break It (Original Mix)Tetrix BassMost AddictiveDubstep 2018-06-22 $1.99 Buy
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Nitro Fun, Trinergy, The Brig - Catch The Wave
Catch The Wave (Original Mix)Nitro Fun, Trinergy, The BrigNever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2018-06-14 $1.99 Buy
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Zebbler Encanti Experience, Prismatic - Caverns
Caverns (Original Mix)Zebbler Encanti Experience, PrismaticGravitas RecordingsDubstep 2018-06-05 $1.99 Buy
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Jarvis (UK) - Thinking of You
Thinking of You (Original Mix)Jarvis (UK)Most AddictiveDubstep 2018-06-15 $1.99 Buy
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Tetrix Bass, Ghostz - Rapture
Rapture (Original Mix)Tetrix Bass, GhostzMost AddictiveDubstep 2017-08-25 $1.49 Buy
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Ivory, Space Laces - Cruise Control
Cruise Control (IVORY Remix)Space LacesIvoryNever Say Die RecordsDubstep 2018-06-06 $1.99 Buy
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Virtual Riot, Panda Eyes, Barely Alive - Triforce
Triforce (Original Mix)Virtual Riot, Panda Eyes, Barely AliveDiscipleDubstep 2018-06-08 $1.99 Buy
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Rob Gasser - Digital_Luv
Digital_Luv (Original Mix)Rob GasserMost AddictiveDubstep 2018-06-08 $1.99 Buy
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Jantsen, Yaysh - Bring It Back ft. Yaysh
Bring It Back ft. Yaysh (Original Mix)Jantsen, YayshDisciple Round TableDubstep 2018-06-08 $1.99 Buy
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The Brig - Sea of Voices
Sea of Voices (Original Mix)The BrigMost AddictiveDubstep 2018-05-04 $1.49 Buy
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Beatcore, Tiigers - Bring The Fire
Bring The Fire (Original Mix)Beatcore, TiigersMost AddictiveDubstep 2018-06-29 $1.99 Buy
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Tetrix Bass, Prismatic - Barricade
Barricade (Original Mix)Tetrix Bass, PrismaticMost AddictiveTrap / Future Bass 2017-08-04 $1.49 Buy
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Erotic Cafe', Tiigers - Horn Pub
Horn Pub (Original Mix)Erotic Cafe', TiigersNSD: Black LabelDubstep 2018-05-25 $1.49 Buy
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INF1N1TE, Audiowrx - Setbacks
Setbacks (Original Mix)INF1N1TE, AudiowrxPlay Me RecordsDubstep 2018-06-18 $1.99 Buy
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Michael White, The Brig - Mr. Electron
Mr. Electron (Original Mix)Michael White, The BrigMost AddictiveElectro House 2018-06-01 $1.99 Buy