- Beatport Matt's #Beatportdecade Chart

Let's be honest here, this is an impossible task. There's been so much good, scratch that, amazing music that's come out in the last ten years that choosing just ten tracks does the last decade an injustice. So I figured the best way to put this chart together would be to lay out the tracks that bring back the fondest memories of my last ten years on this rock hurtling through the cosmic abyss. From my #1 fav, the 18 minute epic that is Ricardo Villalobo's remix of Shackleton's "Blood On My Hands", Sina.'s wistful beauty "Remembrance", Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay's melancholic masterwork "Fur Die Libe", Dave Spoon's E-House grinder "At Night", Sekuoia's sprawling remix of Thomas Barfod's "November Skies", I could go on and on and on and ON, but this 10 will have to do for this decade. Here's to the next one.