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Go straight to the classic in the center of Stockholm. We all know it's a great place with a lot going on.

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Track NameArtistsRemixersLabelsGenreRelease Date
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Allexandre UK - Top Dance
Top Dance (Original Mix)Allexandre UKIndiefyTech House 2018-07-20 $1.49 Buy
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Bliss, Fem Fel - I Wanna Feel
I Wanna Feel (Original Mix)Bliss, Fem Fel3beat RecordsHouse 2017-08-11 $1.49 Buy
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Philip George, Saint Raymond - Losing My Mind
Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)Philip George, Saint Raymond3beat RecordsDance 2017-10-27 $1.49 Buy
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Medina, M-22 - First Time
First Time (Extended Mix)Medina, M-223beat RecordsHouse 2018-01-26 $1.49 Buy
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Superlover, Callum Beattie - Man Behind the Sun
Man Behind the Sun (Superlover's Super Relaxin Club Edit)Callum BeattieSuperlover3beat RecordsHouse 2017-09-15 $1.49 Buy
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Shapov, Callum Beattie - We Are Stars
We Are Stars (Shapov Extended Remix)Callum BeattieShapov3beat RecordsDeep House 2017-05-12 $1.49 Buy
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Anton Powers, Pixie Lott - Baby
Baby (Extended Mix)Anton Powers, Pixie Lott3beat RecordsElectro House 2017-04-21 $1.49 Buy
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Leon Reverse - Gonna Be Alright
Gonna Be Alright (Radio Edit)Leon Reverse3beat RecordsHouse 2016-09-30 $1.49 Buy
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IV Rox - I Heard Love
I Heard Love (Radio Edit)IV Rox3beat RecordsDance 2016-09-02 $1.49 Buy
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Anton Powers - Love You Better
Love You Better (Extended Mix)Anton Powers3beat RecordsHouse 2016-06-10 $1.49 Buy
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Philip George & Dragonette - Feel This Way
Feel This Way (Original Mix)Philip George & Dragonette3beat RecordsHouse 2016-03-25 $1.49 Buy
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Michael Mandal - I Don't Know
I Don't Know (Club Mix)Michael Mandal3beat RecordsHouse 2016-02-05 $1.49 Buy
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Sigma, Diztortion, Jacob Banks, Jack Beats - Redemption
Redemption (Jack Beats Dub Mix)Sigma, Diztortion, Jacob BanksJack Beats3beat RecordsHouse 2015-10-09 $1.49 Buy
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Anton Powers, Philip George - Alone No More
Alone No More (UK Radio Edit)Anton Powers, Philip George3beat RecordsHouse 2015-10-02 $1.49 Buy
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Ferreck Dawn - Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent (Radio Edit)Ferreck Dawn3beat RecordsHouse 2015-08-28 $1.49 Buy
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Yasmin, Preditah - Supernaturally
Supernaturally (Radio Edit)Yasmin, Preditah3beat RecordsHouse 2015-08-28 $1.49 Buy
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Sigma, Ella Henderson, 99 Souls - Glitterball
Glitterball (99 Souls Radio Edit)Sigma, Ella Henderson99 Souls3beat RecordsHouse 2015-07-24 $1.49 Buy
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James Silk - Talk Dirty
Talk Dirty (Club Edit)James Silk3beat RecordsHouse 2015-06-26 $1.49 Buy
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Sigma, Labrinth, Jay Montero - Higher
Higher (Jay Montero Club Mix)Sigma, LabrinthJay Montero3beat RecordsHouse 2015-03-22 $1.49 Buy
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Preditah - Selecta
Selecta (Radio Edit)Preditah3beat RecordsGarage / Bassline / Grime 2015-03-08 $1.49 Buy
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Philip George - Wish You Were Mine
Wish You Were Mine (Radio Edit)Philip George3beat RecordsHouse 2014-12-28 $1.49 Buy
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TC, TCTS - Everything For a Reason
Everything For a Reason (TCTS Remix)TCTCTS3beat RecordsHouse 2014-10-26 $1.49 Buy
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Grant Nelson, Stylo G - Move Back
Move Back (Grant Nelson Radio Edit)Stylo GGrant Nelson3beat RecordsHouse 2014-03-02 $1.49 Buy
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Sister Nancy, Stylo G, Friend Within - Badd
Badd (Friend Within Remix)Sister Nancy, Stylo GFriend Within3beat RecordsHouse 2013-10-20 $1.49 Buy
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Cahill, Cahill, Kimberley Locke - Feel The Love
Feel The Love (Cahill Club Mix)Cahill, Kimberley LockeCahill3beat RecordsHouse 2013-06-16 $1.49 Buy