- Zeque


Matias Zeque Comes from a very big musical background, with a lovely family of musicians and with his dad being the owner of a very cool rock club called Rockotitlan, He heard & learnt lots of music since his first years, but never formally studied music till 2004 (age 15), the year he met electronic music and started learning, producing and playing rooms & partys as crazy 24/7, sometimes moving forward, sometimes backwards, but always with music being the most important thing, now after a 5 year experience playing the best clubs & parties of his area, (Rioma, AM, Hookah, Nicho Sonoro @ Cumbre Tajin) released more than 140 tracks on labels as: iRecords, Akbal, HalfSeasOver, Loco, Fade, theSounds, having his track “Get The Blue Thru The Red” reached top 10 on the deep house page on beatport, collaborating with many cool artists as: Mobius Strum, Light IDR, Jadad, Mild Bang, Marcelo Nassi, LondonGround, Mike Montaño and others.. getting charted & supported by artists like: Gorge, Tim Green, Gwen Maze, Jef K, Kevin Yost, Someone Else, Joeski, Dzeta N Basile, Fer Ferrari, Chris Special, Alvaro Ernesto, Carlo Gambino and Beatport's 10 Must Hear DeepHouse Chart.He spends his time studying music, doing label work for InfraDigrecords alongside his partner Light IDR, being a logic pro and ableton live teacher, mixing & mastering tracks of all genres, taking it very serious when it comes to quality in sound. he always loves to keep innovating ideas within his music. Matias Zeque its someone you should keep an eye for...