- zacheser


Based in Washington, D.C., zacheser is a difficult DJ, producer, and label boss to nail down. Having attracted attention for his eccentricities both on and off the decks, he started DJ'ing in clubs in 2014 quickly gaining notoriety for his border crossing sets that melded house, disco, techno, and everything in between.Since then, zacheser has released records on some of house music's hottest and most respected labels such as HotBOi Records, Younan Music, OKNF, and Sweets and Treats. In 2017, the self-proclaimed "burgerdad" added label owner to his resume when he founded the tech leaning imprint CHUB RUB which he uses to showcase the chunkier side of house and techno. zacheser's vision with CHUB RUB has led to a dedicated following curated around wonky house music and keeping it weird.Additionally, zacheser has been an active participant and vocal advocate of the body positive and fat acceptance movements since his teenage years - oftentimes using his visibility as a DJ to promote body positivity for young people.