- Yunyx


Yunyx, alias Jens Heinicke, was born in 1982 in Leipzig and fascinated itself already since the earliest childhood for music. From this enthusiasm became passion with the wish to mix own sound. Then with 16 it was so far, the money reached and he could buy a few well used record players and an easy mixing writing desk. In addition a handful of records and already it could go off. At the beginning stood practicing, even if it wasn't always perfect he never gave up. With the time he developed his own unmistakeable style from HardTech, Schranz and DeepTech. Then in 1999 it was so far to the first appearance in the Leipzig TV club still under his old pseudonym "V0rt3X", nothing more stood in the way. With his creative, unique sound he inspired immediately the celebration municipality. With a few friends he also organised own small parties in the ALPHA, Rio Salza club, Gießzer Strasse . On various "privately" parties he aroused enthusiasm with his music. Besides, fun for music was in the foreground always. As well as the technology developing, optimised and also refined Yunyx his workflow. From all that inspires, Yunyx caught in 2006 in own tracks to do handicraft, started with easy "Trackern" he built the first sound sample. Later short tracks with Rebirth, to Reason and some hardware were taken up. In 2008/2009 the change to Ableton Live began what extended his workflow extremely. Technically limits are hardly set, what to itself in the many-sided tracks from yunyx represendet which reach from DeepTechno, Techno, MinimalTech, TechHouse, up to the HardTech, to Schranz and quite own creations. Always in search of some new and unique ones.