- Yours Truly


In 2010 Technics Production of Analogue Turntablesceased; in 2012, Pioneer's CDJ-2000 Nexus launched.An awful lot of stuff happened in between, but in that timetwo Australian university students had a chance meetingbackstage at a sold out Skrillex show in Brisbane. Soonthey would begin their navigation from clubland abyss, tofight way to the top of the DJ heap and release their ownoriginal music.Meet Oli Frost and Elliot Woodbry; better known by theirstage name of ‘Yours Truly’. T hey have fast become a solidfixture on the club circuit with a driving passion forperforming, a taste in good music and a strong music ethicthat sees them forming the foundations of Brisbane'selectronic dance scene. 2013 is going gang busters for‘Yours Truly’ as they drop their first release ‘NothingChanged’ on chart topper ‘Bombs Away’s 'Bomb Squad'label. T he lads are set to keep the ball rolling with theirdebut EP coming out on Phethouse records, to be followedup by a national tour and numerous appearances at theupcoming summer festivals.Full time residents at T he Met Brisbane and stand outs atmajor festivals including Future Music, Stereosonic andCreamfields for the last three years, means a huge demandabroad with a handful of international gigs at FamousPhuket and Ark Bar Kohsamui. T his translated to supportsalongside world renowned performers like Diplo, BingoPlayers, Nicky Romero, Rehab, Midnight Juggernaughts,Oliver $, Strange Talk, Beni, Bombs Away, Scndl, Rob Pix,Dirty South, Ladywaks, T he Nextman, Aston Shuffle & ToniteOnly.Stand back, we know don’t know how big these guys aregoing to be!