- Yogi & Husky


Established in 2008, Yogi & Husky are configured as the edgier sound of Random Soul. Wanting to delve into a clubbier and more synthetic sound scape, the duo parted from their renowned soulful name to explore various other styles in electronic music.With their first release on Salted Music hitting number 1 on Traxsource, and their later EP “Just Bounce” (on their own label Random Soul Recordings) hitting the top 10, Yogi & Husky are familiar with chart success. Their productions combine hypnotic synth melodies with rolling bass lines, looped vocal hooks and crisp drum programming. No style is left uncharted as they constantly draw inspiration from around the world.This unique approach to production has seen them champion remixes for labels like Salted, Homecoming, Jaffa Music, Morehouse, Adaptation, Sound’s of the Booth, and Kolour.With a constantly evolving mix of sounds, Yogi & Husky will keep floors rocking in the club till late.