- Yo van Lenz


Johannes' relationship with music started as a child in the Bavarian wilderness, when his spiritual connection to Tim Heidecker surfaced in the funny recordings of his older brothers that he turned into radio shows. To avoid the monotony of one musical style, he constantly dives into different genres, losing track of his alter egos and projects. When asked what kind of music he is into, his only criterion is that it be “warm“. Johannes has worked as a professional composer, sound designer, music consultant and producer for multiple brands. Despite his commercial success in advertising and branding, he has continued to collaborate with artists on non-commercial projects. As part of the renowned Through My Speakers Soundsystem crew, he plays DJ gigs at venues around the world and was featured at Boiler Room. As a Master's graduate of the Sound Studies program of the Universität der Künste Berlin, Johannes holds a skillset that also allows him to deal with advanced challenges regarding sound, both as a philosophy and as a science.