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 - Yari Greco


On the 31st of January 1988 YARI GRECO was born inNaples, coming from a family of artists, as it regards thepainting and the craftsmanship, he discovers the art of themusic at 10 years old with a course of guitar andsubsequently of piano doing his passion of it. At 12 year-oldhe decided to dedicate to the study of percussions andcreating electronic music contemporarily. So, with histenacity and strong passion Yari matures his musical tasteapproaching to T ECHNO MUSIC, wide spreaded in thoseyears in the Neapolitan interland and not only, and it was inthat period that he moved his first footsteps as a young Dj-Producer. During that years,with great devotion it hocks himin the perpetual learning of new techniques for theproduction of music with professionalsoftwares like: AbletonLive, Pro-Tools, Reason, Cubase, Hardware Analogue andPlug-in etc, succeeding to reach a artistic-professional levelfor the creation of music and for the dj-set and live set. In2009 Yari Greco and friends, graduate as E.M.Pro(Electronic Music Producer and Sound Engineer) decided tocreate an original and futuristic musical genre with a Technobackground given by the fusion of different styles like:Trance, Experimental, Progressive, Minimal, Jazz, Chillout,Psychedelic Rock and Soundtrack. Yari Greco debuts withthe major Portuguese of A.Paul on “Naked Lunch Records”with a sound Industrial, and new school techno music. Hereceives good support from famous artists of the technomusic. Another great new exclusive on “KombinationResearch Records” Vol. 041 signed Yari Greco “T he Way OfT he Industrial EP” this is a major historical label, of Mr. T heAdvent. T he art career of Yari Greco is becomingincreasingly important and concrete, because he does agreat remix to “Frank Kvitta”, on Bass Assault Records andfor A.Paul on Platinum Records. Yari currently works withlabels like: Hybrid Confusion Rec, Mastertraxx Rec,Reloading Rec, Ketra Rec, Bass Assault Rec and manymore.T he 24 and 25 September 2011 Yari Greco is called toperform at the first major international festival of technomusic in Italy“Resonance Festival”.T he 5 May 2012 another great Festival for him as SpecialGuest in (Spain) called to celebrate the "Enox Djz" 1stAniversary. Soon new exclusive and manymore……..SECRET !!