- Xonikk


Xonikk (aka Mighil Mohan), born September 29, 1990. a music enthusiast from Calicut,India. Even though he was inspired by Metal artists during childhood, he was a 'good listener' of all kinds of music. In 2011, he started experimenting electronica by creating Psychedelic Trance mashups of his favorite artists. Later he started a project called 'BASE32' in 2011 end for experimenting music in his style. BASE32 project took him to the next level where he began to write his own music rather than mashups and remixing. He made a number of local and international collaborations with underground artists throughout 2012. In late 2012, he joined the net label 'Stone Fish Records', a group of underground electronic music artists gathered with the aim to learn, enhance and share their musical skills. In early 2013, he left the project BASE32 and started his new (and existing) project Xonikk. Xonikk was entirely a different spin for him, which was a dedicated "drum and bass"/"bass music" project. He blended various genres from old school jungle to Dubstep throughout 2013. In the same year he contributed the track "Happy Me, Happy You" to Dance4Syria compilation (a music project to help the Syrian Civil War Victims) which was released Worldwide on all major online music distribution platforms. The past psychedelic music influences began to invade his music production style and thus he began producing Psy- Dnb/Psy-Break tracks, by fusing Psy/goa elements to Jump- Up/DNB drum patterns which blend perfectly creating a unique and distinct powerful sound.