- Xander & Niederreiter


When walking through the club and you see people dancing with a smile on their face, you realize they understand what the music that they are listening to is trying to transmit. Xander Kassian & Niederreiter Markus – to them it all become more than just an attempt...they are capable of making people dance with no further need for entertainment or even words. Through their passion for music, Kassian and Markus were able to bring to life quite a few projects, the newest of which being “Xander & Niederreiter”. Behind this project there are two music lovers that find themselves attracted to Deep House/House and Tech-House, and make sure that every single person in the club feels their passion. They believe making music and listening to it is something that brings deep satisfaction in life; they recognize this as their mission in guiding people to step out of their conventional ways of thinking and allowing themselves to be rocked to the sound of their music.