- X-Sources


X-Sources bursting onto the electronic scene, with a style and forceful. After 5 years performing and producing under the alias dj. Tech, where he spent two years as a resident of onphono (riudoms) decides to turn 360 degrees to its renaming artistic career and focusing on underground electronic style.During that time shared cabin with large national and international artists: Christian Smith, Pascal FEOS, Tony Verdi, andre Vicenzzo, Javi Reina, Taito Tikaro, Ferran benavent, etc ...Also had its way through the crazy fm airwaves in Catalonia where he had a weekly ADDICTED MUSIC RADIO SHOW. where week after week offered a session full of cutting edge sounds.Forcefulness, eclecticism and good technique in the mixtures, this transmits it to the dance floor in the form of groove and energy, are aware that they have enjoyed one of his sets.In 2012, fully immersed in the world of production with part ner Vict or Sevik which cont ribut e t heir grain of sand in this great world of electronic dance. Where to edited Stamps: streetside recordings, Bembe Recordings We Love House.