- WolfstyleZ


20 old Dj/ Producer from SwitzerlandAs a Child i allready have liked testing and playing many Instruments.With 10 and older, i have started to playing the Drums and Saxophone.I Finally found a Talent of me, in the ambit of Rhythm for drums.With 15 Years i have start with make music with just some easy apps and i i have really become a passion for music so i have buy Fl Studio 12 to make my own music and make music. Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Dj FreeG, are my most influence to become an Producer and Dj. Now at this time im 20 old and learn to make more and better music so i never will end with music, its my passion now.Realased Tracks by: Divinity Promotions, Regera Promotions, Image Records, Big Stage Recordings, Next Records, All4DanceStage, SR Nightcore, Shadow Promotions, Reveal Music and my own label WolfZ Records (or Panda Promotion),2016 im have join Soul Foundation maybe a music school for learn more about Dj and Producing.Why WolfstyleZ? My Favorite Animal is a Wolf and i Styles was my idea to make my Artist Name now we have change s to Z so now was StyleZ (in Netherlands s = z).Supported by: Breathe Carolina ApekF4STDJ MIDIand many more...Booking & Contact: wolfstylezmusic@gmail.com