- Witty Manyuha


Born, Mpfunzeni Manyuha, September 04, 1993. The main and central figure behind the quantum leap of the independent house music record label, La’Ute Records, was immersed in the musical life at an early age. The selections of his elements are broadly based on his Venda culture, beamed by stirring, uplifting and somehow haunting melodies and sub bass lines. You’d tell from his music that he never tries to remember who played what where, always brings, on board, some mad blends; jumbling pure African drums with traces of soul. When producing, Wi’Ma just interprets what’s in his heart into the digital world. In his quest to refine deep house music, he allowed the marriage of Deep and Tribal to lay the foundations for the RITUAL DEEP, cultivating and developing some quirky-sounding spiritual sounds. His strength lies in his extraordinary versatility in different musical genres, which has allowed him to build an extraordinary experience of working with producers and vocalists of all extractions – Ancestral, the laid back Deep and solid African music - while keeping his sounds firmly rooted in the Ritual Deep.