- Witt & Halm


The Project WITT & HALM developed itself during 2010 as the Solo-Artists Kevin Witt and Oliver Halm decided after years of DJing: “We belong together!” Both come from the city of Rhein, Konigswinter, near Bonn. They know eachother since their childhood and it’s not only the musical talent that keeps them connected, it’s also their friendship.Ever since they have been playing in the most popular clubs in NRW, for example the Electric-Kitchen in Koln, the Butan in Wuppertal and also at the Ruhr In Love Festival, where they gave one of their best performances.Witt & Halm produces the finest techno with groove and dance factor. With their music they have long impressed many DJs and some smaller labels. Until the breakthrough with the release of “Holzwilm” by Italo Business was signed at the end of 2011.Since then they have been getting a lot of Label- und Remix-requests. The release of Tracer, Heartbeat, Impulse, Rewashed and Relogical followed afterwards. Through the success of their productions as a DJ-Duo, they have quickly awaken national interest of promoters. Even the first international Gigs are now available in their calendar.For 2012 you can expect some from Witt & Halm. The producing machines will never stand still and the output will be stunning. And the gigs will be played weekend for weekend with more intense passion. Witt & Halm are absolute party-loving DJs and high- focused producers of the new electric-music era. Enjoy it....