- Wise D & Kobe


Wise D & Kobe joined forces in 2002, when they discoveredthat their tastes for music were very similar, they became theformidable DJ duo. Behind them is a huge clubbingexperience produced by performances at famous clubs,festivals and organizing a large number of events.T hanks to education at the Higher Vocational School ofElectrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department for audio andvideo technology, along with performances they have dealtwith the musical production that gains importance in March2009, when their first House release of "Disco Z oo Recordswas released, under the name" Panther EP”. Shortly afterthey become a part of DISCO Z OO team led by MarkoMilicevic - Gramophonedzie.In the beginning of the 2010. the "Muzik X Press Recordsreleased track "T he Good Life" that. just a few days later,made it to the Top lists of some of the leading online musicstores like: Beatport, Juno, Traxsourse ...T he song alsopicked up a number of sympathies of internationallyrecognized DJs and was spinning at some of the mostprestigious events such as Sensation White, as well as insome of the world's leading clubs.T heir music can be found in the playlists of DJs such as: ATrak,Robert Owens, Jamie Lewis, David Penn, David Tort,Tune Brothers, Gramophonedzie, Syke 'N' Sugarstar, JesseVoorn, Erick E, DJ Dan, Mr. White, DJ Mes, Les Schmitz, DJPP...T heir performances are characterized by huge energycarried by the people and the desire to always make greatparties. T hey mix House, Funky, Disco & Tech-house. Oneof the characteristics of their sets is certainly that in themusic they play there are no restrictions, so on theirperformances quality retro sound can be heard. T heir musicis definitely characterized by an awesome technique, whichis the product of years of mixing experience and playing onthree turntables.