- Will Scarlett


Conscious lyrics - flowing bass and breaks, Perth's UK born MC takes mischievous Hip Hop club tracks to the cutting edge of controversy. Expect funny/outrageous or deep/controversial from the 90's/Naughties rave MC.Either comical or troublesome, the lyrics in their political nature often give the listener much to think and feel.Actively recording and collaborating for 13 years, the Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Garage genres are where you can expect to find the root of Will's inspirations for Rap and Club Music.Since moving permanently to Australia in 2007, Will has worked with jazz and electronic rock musicians and DJ's across the Perth music scene. 2010 saw 2 performances in the warm up tents at Future Music and Summer Dayz music festivals, following the feature release alongside Shaun Ryder on the Ku-ling Bros 2009 release "Here come the Astronauts."2011 saw the release of Will's Rappacker album in Australia behind 3 consecutive years of online single releases with the UK Red Robot consortium.Fresh for 2013 comes his new album "Storm in a tea cup" thanks to the collaborative efforts of Jack Lucas,Alexander Techneeqs, MC FlipT, Urban Unity, Oscar TG, Vtech & Hookah, D Bo General, T. Dread, Milly James, Dave Remix, Seble & Megamouth.