- Widescream


Tiago Sena became involved with music production around the year of 1996 and since then has released several tracks on cd and digital media using different labels. Who has ever heard of his different projects: Psyfullohms (psytrance), Australopthecus (Chill Out), Widescream (Electro House), 4:20 (progressive- trance). Tiago knows the quality and diversity involved with being a creative producer. His performances in the Widescream project focus mainly within the Electro House Music area, going through its main components: Dirty, Dutch and Complextro Progressive! Tiago has over 30 releases and remixes of tracks released by various electronic sales on Beatport, with excellent sales and recognition abroad! The main festivals and clubs he has performed in Brazil are: Harmonic, Secret Garden Festival, Jungle Sounds Festival, Eubiose, Girus Disco Show, Club Roxy and Club Label... Funky Town is the name of the last album released by his Widescream project on BABA Records label of Austria. This Album features Widescream collaborations with Alex Mind, The Clave, Dr Who, and Bruno Barudi.