- widerberg


Istanbul born musician, who was in love with electronic music which he met at an early age, started his journey by preparing hip-hop music for his friends when he was 16. He learned guitar from his high school teacher. He was introspective with many different music styles but his minimalist personality led him to lean on minimalist style. Sometimes inspired by a photograph, by a film, sometimes without any terms and conditions he is inspired by the events that he experienced during the day, Cemre prefers to express his thoughts with his music that he can not fit into moulds. He produces his art for his passion during the day and for his dreams at night. On the insistence of his close friend, he uploaded a few of the tracks that he made for himself on the internet and soon received great interest and positive comments. The young musician's last single Vera was featured on the Anjunadeep Recommends playlist and supported by Solomun, Matan Caspi, Jaques Le Noir and many more.