- Wetdog


Wetdog, known as a live-act as well as a DJ (producer) duo, are ready to show the world their unique view on Electronic Dance Music (EDM).The dynamic duo always delivers raw and penetrating sounds, which will inevitably lead to a banging peak moment. Wetdog makes use of enticing variations for all kinds of different dance floors. Melodic breaks, vintage sounds, and an extraordinary drive are all elementst hat come t oget her via t he melt ing pot called Wetdog. Originating from Breda in The Netherlands, the two brothers, Tim and Chris, have always been fascinated about the immense power music can have. Back in the earlier days, their creativity was fuelled by various styles and periods. 70's Rock, 80's Synthpop, 90's House, Techno and Electro have all been influential and have helped inspire Wetdog to create their innovative sound. The brothers have found the key ingredients to create a fresh sound from Holland that stands apart from peers. After having released both their debut EP (‘Press Play. Enter’) and their music video (‘Aura’), they started performing at indoor and outdoor festivals. Taking a look at their live-acts, it becomes clear that the Dutchmen are not afraid to experiment. Using live synths, guitars and electronic drums, the audience feels as if they are being taken on an intense journey through the world of banging sounds. This fresh, new and exciting act will blow your mind and leave you screaming for more!